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Engaging Voices Podcast

012: Belinda Wasser – Figuring Things Out with RocketGirl Solutions

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Figuring things out and taking care of people. That’s what drives Belinda Wasser, founder of RocketGirl Solutions and the VA Connection. On this episode of Engaging Voices, we talk about managing time, boundaries, and vulnerability in business.

This Weeks Engaging Voice:
Belinda Wasser
Founder, RocketGirl Solutions
Entrepreneurial Women’s Club

Show Notes:
Belinda Wasser is Rocket Girl. She spent the first 17 years of her career working “behind the scenes” in operations jobs for small and large companies.

Basically, anything that involved figuring out the back-end stuff that makes a company run. And she loved it.

But In 2001, things changed. She left to have a baby (Emily!) and after that, couldn’t imagine going back to the office. Belinda knew it was time to go off on her own.

At first she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do. Eventually, she came up with the idea for an online store focusing on personalized baby gifts.

Belinda wrote a business plan, borrowed some money and 6 months later, launched.

Wow, what a shock. As a first-time entrepreneur, and despite all of her corporate experience, she learned a lot about running a business.

Things like…customer service, order fulfillment, credit card processing, point of sale, systems integration, website design, inventory management, vendor relations, search engine optimization, distribution, photography, shipping, PR, marketing, buying and, most important, cash flow.

Because of that knowledge, people started asking her to help them run their business.

So, Belinda launched RocketGirl Solutions in 2010. Today she is hired by small businesses to act as their part-time, “business manager.” She helps them make more money, more efficiently and with less stress.

On this episode Stacey and Belinda talk about…

  • What Belinda wanted to be when she grew up and how, if at all, that plays out in her work today (1:2)0
  • From corporate to online store to RocketGirl. How it all came to be. (4:25)
  • Figuring things out and how her corporate career prepared her for entrepreneurship (7:15)
  • Where the RocketGirl name came from (and how she felt about it at first!) (10:10)
  • Time management: fitting it all in and scope of work (17:55)
  • Does Belinda prefer to work behind the scenes or be out front and how some of her work feels vulnerable (19:50)
  • RocketGirl mission and Belinda’s personal hobbies (including raising baby chickens! (24:55)
  • Most fulfilling part of what she does (29:00)
  • Insights for small or solo growing businesses and what you need to stop tolerating (32:25)
  • On setting boundaries with clients and what’s next for Belinda (35:20)
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