Are You Languishing?

Languishing is a buzz word for 2021.

You might feel “blah” if you’re languishing. Low energy, lost work motivation, tired of cooking every meal at home.

Lots of people I’m talking to lately feel this way. And I’m not immune, either. So, if the “blah’s” got you down, you’re not alone.

This is important and not to be dismissed because how we feel matters AND how you come across during on video and in person interactions also matters. So, if energy levels are at low tide and stink like rotten fish, then that WILL impact your relationships and ability to do great work not to mention your own well-being.

Recently I came across a passage in my journal. I had just returned from a personal retreat at Kripalu. It reads:

I go on retreats because when I come home I’m a better person and that makes me a better wife, sister, daughter, friend, leader.

So, this month I’m taking time to recharge by limiting email and social media use, getting outside more, and pursuing creative hobbies that have been pushed aside.

How do YOU recharge when you have the “blah’s”

It’s been a hell of a year. So if you, or someone you know is languishing, know that it’s a thing, you’re not alone, support is available (I’m limiting email, but you can call or text me!), and it’s OK to take a break and stop pushing so hard. You’ll be a better person for it.

Curious to know more about languishing?

Here are a few articles to check out:

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Mental Health: Burn out, languishing, anxiety, depression (USA Today, May 2021)

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