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Anna Kaufman

030: Anna Kaufman – Hiding Is Not An Option

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Hiding (yourself) is not an option. That’s what Anna Kaufman, founder of Speak Like a Badass, talks about on this episode of Engaging Voices.

This Weeks Engaging Voice:
Anna A. Kaufman
Founder, Speak Like A Badass

Show Notes:”
Whether one-on-one or in front of hundreds, Anna Kaufman isn’t afraid to be bold.

Shy kid turned Chief Badass, Anna empowers individuals to reveal their unique voice through confident communication. Anna has over 6 years of presentation experience in corporate, non-profit, and community settings.

From entrepreneurs to retirees, students to Board of Directors, golfers to boxers, Anna appeals to the Badass within each of us.

Her expertise in client experience, along with improvisational and stand-up comedy training, sets her apart to add value with an enticing and fun style. Based in Boston, Anna enjoys traveling worldwide – by car, plane, or motorcycle.

Anna’s on a mission to unleash your inner Badass.

On this episode Stacey and Anna talk about…

  • What Anna wanted to be when she grew up
  • How hiding is not an option if you want to be seen and heard at work and in life
  • The importance of expressing yourself and the freedom it brings
  • Challenges of picking a bold business name
  • The gig economy and managing multiple streams of income
  • How to handle people who don’t understand your career choices
  • The importance of support and reflection in business and life
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Anna Kaufman

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