The Shed The Formality Podcast has been retired.

However, you can download this podcast and all of the others from my Google Drive archive. 

Amy Goober

Drive Your Life with Amy Goober

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It’s easy to avoid the hard things by doing the routine things. – Amy Goober

About Amy Goober

Amy GooberAmy Goober’s newest program Drive Your Life ™ helps women put themselves back on the To Do List and get into action. Drive Your Life ™ is a signature talk, small group coaching program, vibrant Facebook group and soon to be published book. Amy’s program supports women to get into the driver’s seat of their own lives using a unique 5 step process to start moving forward. Women are finding success in so many areas: career, health and wellness, love relationships, parenting, friends and activities.

Amy received her B.S. in psychology from Cornell University. She opened The Icing on the Cake, a Boston cake bakery, at 26 in 1986. She has since sold it, but it continues to be one of the top bakeries in the Boston area.

As a C.O.P.E. Certified Health Coach, through the Villanova School of Nursing, Amy has helped over 600 clients in her 7 years of health and wellness coaching. She has reached the level of Global Director at Optavia, being one of only 2% of all 35,000 Health Coaches at the company. She leads, supervises and mentors a team of 70 coaches. Amy has moved from bakery founder to stay at home Mom, seasoned health coach, and now founder of her newest program Drive Your Life ™. She speaks on leadership, health and wellness and personal motivation topics.

Connect with Amy

Stacey & Amy talk about…

  • What Amy wanted to be when she grew up and how it plays out in her work today (2:30)
  • Career transitions: From Secretary to Advertising to Baker to stay at home mom to coach for women  (4:40)
  • Making the shift from promoting a product to a service based on your own ideas & thoughts/Amy Goober. (18:30)
  • Create to create and enjoy a hobby not to always produce. (27:00)
  • Dealing with low motivation, avoiding burn out, and the importance of having the right support system (33:00)
  • Biggest formality Amy had to shed to get to where she is today (43:00)

Watch your own behavior. And when you’re not doing what you should be doing [for your life or business] try to figure out why. – Amy Goober

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Amy Goober

About the Shed The Formality Podcast

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