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Engaging Voices Podcast

004: Adrienne Rowles – South Shore Winter Farmers & Artisans Market

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Adrienne Rowles loves to bring passion projects to life. Even as a financial advisor, she believes that when you have an idea, you don’t always have to make money in order to bring it to life. In this episode of Engaging Voices, Adrienne shares how she brought two of her passion projects to life: the South Shore Winter Farmers and Artisans Market and the Shiba Rescue of New England, a non-profit dog rescue.

This Weeks Engaging Voice:
Adrienne Rowles
Founder, South Shore Winter Farmers and Artisans Market Website

Show Notes:
A financial advisor by day, Adrienne Rowles also knows how to bring passion projects to life. She is the creator of the South Shore Winter Farmers and Artisans Market and Shiba Rescue New England, a non-profit animal rescue organization.

Adrienne began her financial services career on Wall Street with Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. Shortly after, she became VP of Investments at Wachovia Securities, LLC in Palm Beach Florida. Now affiliated with wealth management, she redirected her management style to conservative strategies she adheres to today.

After more than 25 years in the financial services industry, she founded Rowles Mortgage Services, Inc in Boston in 1987. Today she is a financial advisor with Plymouth Rock Financial Partners, a practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

When not working Adrienne is an avid equestrian and active in bringing her passion projects to life.

On this episode Stacey and Adrienne talk about…

  • What captures Adrienne’s attention when she’s not working (1:15)
  • How the South Shore Winter Farmers and Artisans Market began and what it took to recruit vendors (3:30)
  • Location of the market (9:25)
  • Challenges faced with starting the market (9:40)
  • Items you’ll find at the winter farmers market in Scituate (11:10)
  • What it’s been like to bring passion projects to life (14:15)
  • Even though it’s a passion project, it still takes work! (15:30)
  • The Shiba Rescue of New England (18:40)
  • Importance of using all of her skills and interests (23:15)
  • Insights for others on bringing ideas to life (27:20)
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