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2023 Intentions

I don’t set resolutions. Never have. I’m pretty sure it’s because I enjoy challenging the status quo. Plus, they don’t seem to last. Based on every article I’ve read so far in 2023, anyone who set a resolution this year has already broken it.

Instead I set intentions. Like many people, I choose 3 words to guide me. I didn’t make up this concept. But I’ve been following it for years. 

Past words have included alignment, receive, simplicity, joy, ease. Sometimes it takes a year or two to realize them, but they all come true!

Which brings me to 2023 and my words for this year:

  • Perform 
  • Humor
  • Friendship


I want to perform more – singing, comedy, etc. I love performing! It was my childhood dream to sing and perform. I don’t know how or where (online or in person? Open mic or host my own show? Start a band or sing solo?) The details are yet to unfold. But the intention is there and that feels good.


Because I want to write more comedy and infuse this newsletter with more humor, I want to see the world through more humorous eyes. Keeping this intention reminds me to notice when a conversation or interaction sparks laughter and write it in my dedicated comedy/humor notebook. I may not know what to do with it right away, but it’s there when I need it.


If the past few years of solitude at home taught me anything it’s the importance of friendship and connection. People to walk with, laugh with, break bread with, cry with, see a show with (tonight I’m going to see Hamilton in Boston!). That requires making time to reach out and make a connection. I’m ready.

You know what I’ve learned by setting intentions instead of resolutions? 

I feel lighter and more in control over my actions. There is more flexibility when life throws a curve ball or I didn’t get to do the thing I wanted to do (sing, network, exercise).

An intention guides me like a lighthouse standing steady. Even when I get a little lost, the light is there to show me the way. 

I can’t wait to see what my words show me this year.

Your turn to talk to me

  • Who are your favorite comedians or humorists?
  • Seeing any live shows this year? What’s on your list?
  • What are your 2023 intentions?
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