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Engaging Voices Podcast

003: Paula Harris – Rise Up!

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Bringing ideas to life takes courage. That’s what Paula Harris, co- founder of WH Cornerstone Investments and creator of the Rise Up retreats for women, talks about on this episode of Engaging Voices.

This Weeks Engaging Voice:
Paula Harris
Co-Founder, WH Cornerstone
Rise Up Retreats

Show Notes:

It’s not often you meet a financial advisor who is also an accomplished cheesemaker, yogi, local hero and wonder woman.

But those are just some of the many reasons why Paula Harris is not like everyone else.

As co-founder of WH Cornerstone, Paula is part financial coach and part dream builder who takes pride in helping her clients, particularly women, obtain financial peace of mind and independence.

In addition, Paula is the creator of the Rise Up retreats for women in a career or life transition.

Today, Paula loves assisting people with the life planning that goes hand-in-hand with financial planning.

On this episode Stacey and Paula talk about…

  • Paula’s big dreams as a young girl and how they play out today (1:12)
  • The importance of mindset in business and money (5:35)
  • Rise Up Retreats for women and how they started (11:55)
  • How hosting and marketing these retreats pushed her comfort zone – especially using social media! (14:50)
  • Letting go of control to do the work (19:25)
  • Bringing visions to life (23:30)
  • Creating safe, and sacred spaces, for growth and connection (26:00)
  • Insights on having the courage to be seen and bring ideas to life (33:00)
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