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It's so much easier to perform at your best - and without the pressure - when you drop what's weighing you down.

Meet Stacey Shipman

Stacey Shipman

Stacey is a facilitator, writer and performer here to remove formal protocols that stifle personalities and ideas.

Because you can’t express yourself or your genius hiding behind: “I’m too busy,” perfectionism, data, PowerPoints, collaborators who get all the credit, the comparison trap, or the belief you need more credentials.

Plus, human connection is impossible when you are acting like a robot.

Boring, bland and basic are default settings – but they aren’t the only settings. With Stacey's guidance, you will drop learned behavior that never felt natural in the first place, step out of the conventional bubble and engage clients, peers, prospects - anyone - with who you really are.

What I Do

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Clients rely on my insights when they want to get their message across in a confident, engaging way.


Writer & Performer

Feel Good Living is a blog & video series sharing humor, stories & insights for a [mid] life without the pressure.

Stacey virtual event speaker


Bring your event to life when you hire me to speak, facilitate, host/M.C. or moderate a panel.

Latest Insights

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We Cannot Be Successful Alone

It’s too hard. I'm not good at it. I quit.  Have you ever said those words, or something ...
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Put Yourself Out There

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Unveil Your Inner Strengths & Talents (A Podcast Conversation)

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Lost & Found: Getting Grounded in Your WHY

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So Many Ways to Tell a Story

My nephew Andrew wants to be a tattoo artist. Over the last few years he’s gotten several, large, ...
sunset with road showing 2023

2023 Intentions

I don’t set resolutions. Never have. I’m pretty sure it’s because I enjoy challenging the status quo. Plus, ...

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