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It's so much easier to perform at your best, and without the pressure, when you drop what's weighing you down.

Bringing out the best in people

Stacey Shipman

Stacey Shipman is here to remove formal protocols - beliefs, behaviors, expectations - that stifle personalities and ideas.

Because you can’t advocate for yourself or your genius hiding behind: “I’m too busy,” perfectionism, data, PowerPoints, collaborators who get all the credit, or the belief you need more credentials.

Plus, human connection is impossible when you are acting like a robot.

Boring, bland and basic are default settings – but they aren’t the only settings. With Stacey's guidance, you will drop learned behavior that never felt natural in the first place, step out of the conventional bubble and feel lighter, more in control and more confident when it's time to perform.

What I Do

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Making sure sponsors and members have a positive and valuable experience.


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